Our DIY kits include all the wood needed to build your own Longbow.  Available in the following wood combinations:

- Hickory stave with a Hickory backing strip:  $49.75

- Hickory stave with a Bamboo backing strip:  $59.75

- Purple Heart stave with a Hickory Backing Strip:  $62.00

- Purple Heart stave with a Bamboo backing strip:  $72.00

In-stock bow kits are listed in our online shop, or feel free to contact us for more information on custom orders. 


(Our wood options may change, depending on availability. Prices do not include shipping.)


All material has been hand-selected for quality and is planed, sanded, and ready for your glue of choice.


You can add a B-50 Flemish Twist Bow String with Serving to your kit for an additional $10.  

Choose between two colors: Gold/Ivory Twist w/ Red Serving, or Brown w/ Brown Serving


We will soon be offering instructional material for anyone looking for some bow-making tips. In the meantime, the most thorough and informative text we've found on the subject is "The Heritage of the Longbow" by Pip Bickerstaffe.

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