Our traditional wood arrows are made with Douglas Fir shafts and self-nocked, unless otherwise specified.  Each is carefully spine tested and labeled, to ensure consistency. They are fletched with real turkey feathers, and wrapped with artificial sinew for added strength and a smooth transition for shooting off the hand.


We offer a variety of colors, fletching shapes, and cresting patterns. We are also happy to work with customers to create new designs.


Standard arrows are tipped with field points. "TopHat" brand threaded adaptors, broad heads, bodkins, and other tips are available for a small additional cost.

Available arrow lengths:  24 to 32 inches


Available spine weights:  25 to 65/70 lbs 

Arrow prices start at $10 each.  In-stock arrows are listed in our online shop, or feel free to contact us for more information on custom orders. 

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